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Fax question

By gloria ·
My PC wants to instal fax everytime I reboot or restarts. How can I get this to stop?
Any help is appreciated :)

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Need more info

by mjd420nova In reply to Fax question

How do you hook up to the internet?? Do you have a FAX/MODEM card in the unit?? If you use a LAN ethernet card for the internet, remove the modem card and it should stop the error on boot up.

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Don't have to remove anything..simply disable the device...

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Need more info

in device manager or create a new hardware profile with the device disabled

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I am an YASU

by gloria In reply to Don't have to remove anyt ...

Thanks, but my PC doesn't have english language and I am therefore uncertain what you exactly mean by device manager.

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It's OK, I'll try to help you as much as possible

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I am an YASU :(

Irregardless of the language your Windows system is using (I'm assuming you are running Windows XP), here is what you need to do.

1. Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel
2. Double-Click the System Icon
3. On the top, click on the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button
4. You will have a section called "Modem" in the list
5. Expand this list (click on the +)to find your modem there and right click on the device and select "Disable" from the menu

That's it! Your modem will be disabled and prevented from being used in Windows.

To re-enable the modem, repeat step 5, but choose "Enable Device" instead

it's very simple and not rocket science as you see


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Gee, I wonder

by Old Guy In reply to It's OK, I'll try to help ...

where she got the YASU from? That's a shame.

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The first step in dealing with a problem is to admit you have one

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Gee, I wonder

I give this nice lady credit for calling herself a "YASU", even though I think she meant it in a funny and sincere way. There are multiple levels of YASUs' out there and here they are:

1st Degree is the ID-ten-T user, aka ID10T, who will do such things as water a plant on top of the monitor

2nd Degree is the user who thinks that rebooting his/her PC is as simple as turning off the monitor as if it were a TV set

3rd Degree is the PEBCAC (problem exists between chair and computer) user and is usually the most rude and irate, screaming bloody murder when calling the helpdesk and using every piece of profanity known to man

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I did as you said, but...

by gloria In reply to It's OK, I'll try to help ...

But there is no Fax modem there. That's what makes it so strange.. Found no modem in the Device Manager.Why will it install a fax if it is not there?! I have never had a fax and I have no plans getting one.
When I reboot or starts the PC it starts to instal the fax and asks for the CD..I use ctr+alt+del to get the windows task manager (i believe it is called) and disable the installation that way.
Thanks guys. You are great :)
(might explain the YASY)

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I'm pretty sure your PC has an internal modem

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I did as you said, but...

Device manager will only display devices that it detects from what is known as the system BIOS. The BIOS is what makes the computer a computer and not a toaster or an alarm clock. If your PC's plug and play is finding a modem and asking for a driver, then I'm pretty sure you have a modem in the PC which Windows is trying to install and enable. The only real way to stop this annoying detection of the modem by Windows is to disable the modem from your PC's BIOS. I can't really instruct you on how to do it because every PC is unique and it depends on the BIOS manufacturer and motherboard type. Check the documentation for your PC to see how you can access the BIOS/CMOS and shut off integrated devices, such as the modem. On the majority of PCs', the BIOS is accessed by pressing the Del key during power on, or some other function key like F2 or F10.


Improperly setting parameters in the BIOS can prevent your PC from booting up and may require resetting BIOS to consult an experienced PC tech if you are not comfortable with this

Hope this info helps. :-)

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I have found a modem

by gloria In reply to I'm pretty sure your PC h ...

when I went to control Panel > printers and fax modems i found a fax..not activated. when I explored properties, I found the name "Conexant HSF V90 56K PCI modem". Should I deavtivate it?
The ting is: the PC has been fine for 2 years with no Fax messages :)

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When Windows starts...

by TechExec2 In reply to I did as you said, but...

Hi Gloria,

When Windows starts up, it looks for hardware that has not been configured yet. If it finds something, it trys to install the drivers.

Are you sure that your PC does not have a FAX modem? If Windows is asking for the CD to install it, it is likely that it exists in your computer.

Here's something else to try:

Sometimes a detected but unconfigured device like your fax modem does not appear in the correct place in the Device Manager tree. Look for a yellow question mark icon (?) that has a yellow circle over it. It should appear in the "Other devices" section (don't know what that translates to in Norwegian).

If you find that icon, follow the instructions from "Why Me Worry?" and disable that device. After it is disabled, Windows will never bug you for the CD during start up ever again.

Good luck!

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