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    Fax Server (VoIP)


    by jimmy ·

    I Need to find a VoIP fax solution that would support sending to a predefined list of users up to 9000.

    Does anyone know of any that are good?

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      Reply To: Fax Server (VoIP)

      by nico baggus ·

      In reply to Fax Server (VoIP)

      Have you looked into asterisk?

      that might be the core you need, it might still
      need some tooling to do the generation of the

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      by valentinee ·

      In reply to Fax Server (VoIP)

      I know is a very good internet fax service. It will help you to solve your problem.

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      Try Visendo Fax Server

      by visendoteam ·

      In reply to Fax Server (VoIP)

      You could try Visendo Fax Server. It is supposed to be effective and easy to use. You could also send us feedback on this and win an Express Edition.

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      Axiatel can customize the big packages

      by axiatel ·

      In reply to Fax Server (VoIP)

      Hi contact for the bigger packages.

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