Fax Voice Mail Applications for SOHO in XP

By Jerri ·
I am currently looking for the best program for XP that allows FAX & Voice Messaging. What I have tried in the past was TalkWorks Pro v2.0. It's okay but wasn't designed for XP but runs (aka Win2K environment), but I need something new and updated. I've searched the net and read some, and installed Faxtalk demo, and am not satisfied. I want to skip the "install-the-demo" trial process.

I like the bundled Winfax part (I guess it's still one of the best FAX software around) and the multiple mailboxes in Talkworks as its main points I like most. It seems TW2 is not resource friendly in XP, and newer features found in other programs would be nice in these new apps I am looking for.

Can anyone recommend THREE good ones for SOHO to lessen the review-trial-test process?

Thanks to whatever recommendation you may provide.

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by djs In reply to Fax Voice Mail Applicatio ...

what three replacements were suggested, and which one did you decide on getting? how well does it work?

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NO results yet..

by Jerri In reply to results?

It seems that nobody's using or interested in this answering software. I hope someone pitches in for a good review. At this point no suggestions were given.

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If you haven't found a solution...

by RoninV In reply to NO results yet..

Try CallClerk, CallStation, and FaxTalk Messenger Pro. The first two give 30 day trial periods, while the last one gives on 15 days (which is probably why I've yet to try it. Prices after the trials run between $25-$40. FaxTalk, on the surface, looks the best, but like I said, 15 days is really not the much time to test software like this. Also, FaxTalk's trial period does not give you full access to the program. There are a number of limitations, which again, make even trying it less of a consideration.

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