Faxing problem on analog vs vonage

By orcasoutfitters ·
Here is one I am stumped on.

We have a Dell 1815 Multi-function with fax. It used to be hooked up to Vonage and worked fine both incoming and outgoing. Now we have it hooked up to a analog line and it works fine for everything except faxing to one recipient. If I plug it into a second analog line it still doesn't work. As soon as I switch it back to Vonage it works fine. A different 1815 was hooked up and it did the same thing.

When I monitor the line I hear the 1815 call the number and put out tone. When the recipient number picks up it just goes dead. On Vonage the recipient fax talks back and everything proceeds normally.

My question is what could be going on with the Analog lines that would make just these two faxes not talk to one another?

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Usually people have the opposite problem

by robo_dev In reply to Faxing problem on analog ...

I would guess that the phone line is noisy and/or has a poor connection.

There are two advanced settings to play with in the 1815 that may help:

ECM Mode
The Error Correction Mode helps with poor line quality and ensures that faxes are sent smoothly to any other ECM-equipped fax machine. If the line quality is poor, it takes more time to send a fax when you are using the ECM mode.

Select Off to turn this feature off.

Select On to turn this feature on.

Modem Speed
Select the maximum modem speed you want if the phone line fails to sustain a higher modem speed. You can select 33.6, 28.8, 14.4, 12.0, 9.6, or 4.8 kbps.

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