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    Faxing with Access / Outlook Integration?


    by ayalan ·

    Hello TR forums!

    My office is currently looking to update their faxing solution. We are currently using a desktop PC with a fax modem, using Symantec WinFAX to handle our faxing. It is slow, the phonebook linking to outlook is poor, and we are hoping to replace it as it is no longer being produced/updated by Symantec . We send hundreds of faxes per week (mass fax advertising mostly) and are trying to find a faxing solution that is reputable, will be around for a while (the company is not ditching it for other projects) and can use contact information from Outlook 2007 or an Access 2007 database. This computer is in a serverless network (just a small workgroup). Internet faxing solutions such as eFax and Send2Fax are being considered, but we’d much rather make use of our fax line since we’ve already got it, and much of the mass faxing is going to local numbers (cheaper than internet faxing solutions, or so I’ve seen so far).

    Any suggestions? What are you using in your office on a PC as a faxing solution?

    Thanks much in advance! All comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.


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