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FDD Repair

By salmansalman419 ·
The latest Floppy Disk Drive which I had bought has stopped working. Now I have a collection of broken FDDs. I want to try repair them before discarding them. Could someone where I can find a good detailed tutorial on repairing FDDs using diagnostic software and oscilloscopes? Where can I find free diagnostic software like Drive Probe?

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to FDD Repair

I would not bother, they are so cheap and the most common problems are:

heads get scratched and dont read right

head movement motor goes faulty, realigning replcement is an outright *******.

the control electronics fry (about 1% of problems)

They are now so cheap that after you spend 5 minutes to take the cover off it has cost you more in time.

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by TheChas In reply to FDD Repair

I generally agree with eebewater.

The best that you can do, is a thorough cleaning of the drive.

I would be more curious as to why the drives are failing.

Poor power?
Dirty environment?
Cheap floppies?


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by cvudayasankar In reply to FDD Repair

I would like to inform you that what to do.
1.check while booting ,the FDD led glows for few seconds.
2.If not the problem is in the powersupply cable.
3.If not the problem is in the 34 pin data cable
Connect the above two mentioned cables properly.
The first pin of the two cables in the red colour .while conneting the two cables in the FDD,
The two red colour must coincide each other.
Finally Reboot the system .Now the FDD will work fine if not Change the 34 pin data cable.
SOLUTION 2: If the FDD Led glows continusly,The data cable is in reverse order.connect it properly
While booting go to CMOS configuration setup.
select the first option .In that there will be option for drive A: selcet 1.44MB fDD.
Select the integrated pheriperals ,in that there will be the option for FDD controller .Enable the option.
If the 3 solutions are not alright change the FDD
Possible reasons:
Motor may not work properly in the FDD
contol cicuit may be problem
Head may be damaged
The problem may be in Motherboard.

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by wlbowers In reply to FDD Repair

You can buy a new floppy drive for $7.49 and $4.49 of that is shipping.

Any parts you might have to replace will cost more than that. If you can find replacement parts.


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