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FDISK problem with an NT partition

By mckb ·
I want to change a laptop from NT Workstation to W98se. I am trying, with fdisk, to rid the laptop of any files and start fresh.

I can't delete the ext dos partition that was created by NT. It says can't delete while logical drives exist. If I try to delete the logical drive, it says none exist.

This is 2 gb I want to recover.

If I try to install 98se, it tells me there is a partition created by NT that will be unavailable.


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FDISK problem with an NT partition

by faxmonkey In reply to FDISK problem with an NT ...

The Fdisk (dos) utility will not read NTFS partitions. I've had this same problem in the past.
If possible load NT again and then use disk admin to change partition to FAT.
Then use FDSIK.

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by mckb In reply to FDISK problem with an NT ...

Al, Thanks I am re-installing now. Oooh I love PCs sometimes ;-)



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Another option...

by allen610 In reply to Thanks

I have done this same thing myself. Another option is to download a wipedisk utility available from any shareware download site and wipe the disk clean and that will erase any partition information.

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Even Easier

by ab3_tek In reply to Another option...

Have you guys ever heard of the handy Dos utility called...DELPART? This will delete an NTFS partition along with everything else on the disk so be careful!!! It does not give you the "are you sure you want to do this?" prompt. Now install your Win2000 and enjoy.

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