fdisk reports HDD as read only

By john.hill4 ·
Hi ,can anyone help with this ?
Attempting to format a Packard Bell Easynote laptop hard drive as its owner insists on using ME instead of the XP it came with (it is about 2 years old).Booting to a bootable version of 98SE startup CD I tried to change from NTFS to Fat32 by deleting the existing primary partition (NTFS) and creating a new primary partition (FAT32).However after going allthrough the mechanics of drive verification etc Fdisk then tells me that the harddrive is READ ONLY and it is unable to make the changes.When I reboot sure enough the primary partition is still NTFS in flavour.
On top of this the laptop won't rcognise valid 98SE and ME installation discs as bootable although it is OK with startup and boot CDs.

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ME? man! they are paying for this? try Knoppix

by sgt_shultz In reply to fdisk reports HDD as read ...

it sounds like you are running into catch-22 of sorts with the file system format. Partition Magic could make easy work of this, maybe worth the $45 or so to purchase it. Or try a free Knoppix boot cd, which is supposed to be able to do similar stuff.
Or boot from an xp disk and hose the partition, then try your stuff (do all the creation, formatting with your ME install disk
or just do a dual boot? I wonder if ME will run on this laptop, i wouldn't bet on it

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If there is a Hidden Partition on the HDD with the XP installer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to fdisk reports HDD as read ...

That could be your problem. As it's locking the remaining HDD Size to prevent the loss of ability to reinstall the OS.

If that's the case F Disk is the wrong tool to attempt this with and you'll need to attack it with a wiping utility to write zeros to every sector of the HDD and destroy your ability to reinstall XP if it's ever needed. You can try Boot & Nuke available here and see if that works

But before you delete the XP install make a full list of every driver that is used as you will likely need to hunt down several of the drivers as a ME Install CD will not have them. But on the up side you can use 98 drivers for ME.

I just hope that you are getting well paid for this.


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Try this first...

by tonylewis In reply to fdisk reports HDD as read ...

Boot with the 98 CD as you did, then do an "fdisk /mbr" to overwrite the master boot record. After that, try a normal fidsk.



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When in Fdisk

by Jacky Howe In reply to fdisk reports HDD as read ...

did you try to remove the Non Dos Partition of which the larger will be NTFS?

Another alternative if you have a copy of Ghost is to use Gdisk.
gdisk 1 /mbr /wipe

The above command will erase the Drive and reset the MBR.

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