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    Feasibility of Mac-Based Testing


    by cupcake ·

    Here’s my idea… start up a company that provides testing for software
    and web based applications and web sites for the Mac OS (supported
    OSes) and multiple browsers (Safari, FireFox, Opera etc).

    My experience – being a Mac aficionado and experienced QA tester –
    is that applications and web sites are generally designed on non-Mac
    platforms and more often than not, designed for IE specifically. So I hit
    the site with my Mac/non-IE browser and its a jumbled mess (at best)
    or doesn’t work at all (at worst).

    I’d love to be able to offer services designed to handle testing other
    platforms and browsers the expertise of a company that can quickly
    and efficiently offer results for those companies that don’t want to
    deal with the cost of setup and maintenance of a group of folks and

    I’d like professional opinions… would this be a viable business model?

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