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Fed up with being promised the Earth?

By Jon P ·
I'm a little fed up with being promised the Earth by IT support companies, both from the point of view of a Techie from within, and more recently as an IT manager from without...

I used to work as a Techie in an IT support company. What really annoyed me about working there was that the salesmen were paid an heck of a lot more than the Techies. That really bugged me, because in todays world virtually anyone could sell IT.. in fact it generally sells itself, but not just anyone has the kind of mindset needed to fix computer problems or write applications. Is it fair that the people with the real skills in this world are the ones who get trodden on and walked all over?

I didn't think so, so when one of my ex-customers offered me a substantial pay rise to work for him exclusively, I took the opportunity. I've not just got a monetary promotion, but one of status: I'm IT manager, with complete control of funding... The first thing I did was to put my ex-employers exactly in their place, and sacked THEM!!!

If you are a Support Techie that feels they could do better, DON'T JUST FEEL IT, DO IT! You're in an extraordinary position in this world, in that if you know what you're doing you can get a job almost anywhere. My friend who used to work for the same company is also fed up, he's just been poached too... I would begin to feel sorry for a company that is beginning to lose all its technical staff, especially one who relies totally on those same staff for the service they sell, except they treated us like we were replacable.. Let them replace us now.... I'm not a sore loser (I'm not a loser at all!) but I guess there's a lesson in there for everyone...

Don't treat someone like they're replaceable unless you are confident that you can replace them!

I promise that is not a mistake I'm likely to make... I hope my ex-employers learn the same lesson before they go bankrupt!

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