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Fed up with Windows scheduler

By tbragsda ·
I have had it with the AT scheduler. It just does not work. Anyone with good experiences with other schedulers?

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by Slacker In reply to Fed up with Windows sched ...

I use a product called Automate by Unisyn... It is a very good app and provides waaaaay more functionality than just a standard scheduler. It will actually perform tasks for you. Easy interface, it has a good beat and is easy to dance to... I give it an 86 with a bullet.

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Thank, Ill check it out.

by tbragsda In reply to Automate

Trying the JIT (just in time) scheduler. Looks good so far, but Im willing to try a couple out.


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by E.Eliveld In reply to Fed up with Windows sched ...

To make life easier using AT you could use WinAT. Its like a Windows shell around the AT scheduler and free.

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Thanks, but no thanks

by tbragsda In reply to

Its not the interface thats the problem. I use WINAT, but the batchs fail, the scheduler stops, its just a bad product.

Ever try mapping and deleting drives from a script with this stipid AT scheduler.

I'm tring several now, and haveing much better luck. Thanks for the input.

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by puppybreath In reply to Fed up with Windows sched ...

I don't know what your requirements are, but you may want to try a package called FRENDS. It is extemely flexible and can do error checking along the way so that you can program contingency plans. It may be overkill for your needs, but it does a good job.

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