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fed up with windows vista..

By hel_hev ·
i am fed up with using windows vista.. got 4GB of ram and 1GB of video but still my computer is slow like ****...even though i don't do graphics or go for gaming.. i want to switch over to new OS... thinking of ubuntu linux.. r there other OS thats better...and safer and cheaper... than windows vista???

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If the system was designed to run Vista it should be OK

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to fed up with windows vista ...

The only problem comes about when you install Vista onto older hardware that was never designed to run such a Resource Intensive OS.

Things like M'Board Chip Sets and HDD interfaces play a big part in how fast a system actually is so if you have a new system and do not have any issues with Incompatible Hardware in the form of Expensive Printers or Software that is Mission Critical there should be no reason to change.

Also any 32 Bit version of Windows can not use more than about 3.2 Gig's of RAM so you'll have about .8 of a GIG not being used. If you load any Linux which should be free to download they are very unlikely to run your existing software made for Windows. Linux is not Windows so you should read the following

and look here for descriptions of the different Linux's available

then there are the Linux user Groups here

Instead of Loading any Linux it may prove useful to try one of the many Live Linux's that run from a CD so you can get the feel of it and see if that particular Distribution suits your needs here is a substantial list of the available Live Linuxes but by no means a complete list. You can generally install the Distro that you like from the Live Linux CD as well.

As for which Linux is best that is a matter of personal preference and what you want to do with it. Different Distros have different Strong & weak points and while it is true that they are all based on the same code that is were the similarity ends different Distributions are written for different goals things like Ubuntu are a very friendly Windows Similar Linux aimed at the new Linux User but depending on what you want to actually do with your computer it may not suit your needs.


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What's the rest of your platform?

by Joe_R In reply to fed up with windows vista ...

Describe your hardware platform (as accurately as possible), and tell us what the performance rating is for each category.

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Installed Programs?

by TheChas In reply to fed up with windows vista ...

I find that system slowdowns are more often caused by too many programs running all the time.

Things like anti-virus and system monitor programs can be very resource intensive.

Every program that places an icon in your system tray IS slowing the system down.

Take a close look at what applications you really need and remove or disable the rest.

As you say you do not game or run high end graphics software, why the big video card?

With the 32 bit version of Vista (or XP) that big video card is actually going to slow down your system.
Why? at least a portion of that 1GB of RAM on the video actually gets subtracted from your addressable RAM. The address space for the video RAM has to come from somewhere, and it comes from the upper range of the 4GB of RAM that a 32 bit OS can address.
With that big video card, you might actually have only 2.5 GB of usable RAM.

The only way to use all of the 4GB of system RAM you have installed would be to switch to a 64 bit OS.

I cannot say that my laptop with Vista runs any slower than my desktop with XP. In fact, the laptop boots faster. This is at least in part because the laptop has less hardware and device drivers to load.


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