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Fedora 5

By CLutsic ·
I am currently a student. I am new to linux OS. I am trying to get the hang of it. My class is using fedora core 5. The book I am using is a decent book but, there is nothing with straight asnwers to my questions so that I may really get into the linux OS. Which I am really interested in learning. So my question is. Is there a book or website out there that will seriously aid me in learning the complexity of linux. I am really weak when it comes to programming. So I am trying to write a ssh script but I am stuck. Im not sure where to begin other than start with a "vi". So any feedback would be appreciative. Thanks!

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I've three that cover everything, some items 3 times

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Fedora 5

1. SAMS Red Hat Fedora 4 - I'm sure that they probably have a Fedora 5 out by now, it comes with the DVD of the software.

2. Thomson Learning, Course Technology - Guide to Linux Installation and Administration, by Nicjholas Wells. I got this when studying Linux back in 2000, probably an updated version available now.

3. O'Reilly - Linux in a Nutshell by Ellen Siever et al. This is used by many people in the industry as a quick reference guide.

Item 2 above is mre for the beginner to intermediate. Item 3 for the intermediate to semi-regular user. Item 1 for heavy Fedora User.

I've used both Core 4 and Core 5 and dropped them in favour of SimplyMEPIS ( as it is easer to use and has easy access to some of the power user activities that are hard to do in Fedora Core 4 and 5.

My Favourite Linux flavours are

1. SimplyMEPIS
2. Ubuntu
3. Fedora Core 5
4. Fedora Core 4
5. Mandrake 10

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Here is another one

by jdclyde In reply to I've three that cover eve ...

This one is almost a *nix bible.

Unix, shell programming.
By Stephen G. Kochan and Patrick H. Wood.

Hayden books is the publisher.
ISBN 0-672-48448-x

I have the "revised edition", but I am sure there is a newer version out, not that the shell scripts change much.

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Linux for Dummies is a must

by jmgarvin In reply to Fedora 5

Also I like Red Hat Linux Networking and System Administration and Beginning Linux Programming by Wrox Press.

Good luck!

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Here's a Blog that might help

by kenstaff60 In reply to Fedora 5
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The Linux bible 2006

by agile In reply to Fedora 5

I'm a newbie too, but this book is doing wonders for me.

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