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    Fedora Core 4 and number of CPU / Procs


    by kennethaj ·

    I am not too familiar with Linux, but for testing purposes I have installed Fedora Core 4 on a system with the following specs:
    IBM eSeries x445 8870-1RX (you know…that overcomplicated self-healing server that IBM raves about in TV commercials) with 8 x 2.8 GHz Xeon CPUs and 16GB RAM.

    The reason I did this was that we couldn’t afford to buy the MS Windows version that can handle that many CPUs. The hardware is properly configured and both the BIOS and appropriate IBM Director management modules recognize all 8 cpu’s. The CPU distribution is also correctly partitioned…it’s actually, a default setup if only one system is used. Fedora Core 4, however, does not recognize all 8 CPUs. It only sees 4 of the processors.

    Does anyone know any info on the limitations of Fedora core 4 with regards to the number of processors, and/or does anyone knwo how to configure this OS to utilize all 8 procs.
    Ideally in the future, I would like to connect two of these systems with the maximum configuration of 16-way SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing). I have spent hours searching for an answer both with Red Hat and the WWW in general, and can’t afford to pay for support.

    The only reliable info that I have found so far actually came from Red Hat, which was information of processor support with their Red Hat Enterprise series of OS’s that must be purchased. As you probably already know, Fedora Core is a “project” and not directly supported by Red Hat. Please help.

    I will award 600 points for a solution that works with our hardware setup. Feel free to contact me with additional questions that would help you answer my questions.

    If nobody is able to help with Fedora Core 4 solutions, I will award the points to whoever offers an alternative linux solution (with specific configuration suggestions that work) that can be downloaded without purchase.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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