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    Fedora Core 5 WiFI config? (Linux experts please)


    by alphatech9 ·

    I just set up a dual boot with XP and Fedora Core 5 on my HP dv5000 laptop.

    Everything went perfect, and works perfect……..almost..

    Right now I’ve got no wireless. It won’t recognize the card, and I would guess it is a driver issue.

    But I have read conflicting things. Some say the drivers are already on my copy of Fedora and I just need to shut down the ethernet, and turn on the WLAN in the terminal, and it will recognize it.

    But others are telling me I need to totally rebuild the kernal. Still others are saying that all I need are the drivers….

    I don’t feel like doing all three things unless I have to. So I was hoping someone might have “been there” and knows the easiest way to do it.

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