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Fedora Core wont finsh booting up

By michael ·
Alright so I installed Fedora Core 4 on to my Dell Demenion XPS B733R. When I installed it i put the graphical version and turned it into a server. When it will boot up it will do a system check FAIL on the getting a IP adress (or somthing like that i forgat word for word). after the system check it will go into a black screen and it would be the end of it. I also tried Fedora Core 3 and 1 still same problem.

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by Jaqui In reply to Fedora Core wont finsh bo ...

sounds like the network card is not connecting properly.
this shouldn't stop it from booting up the rest of the way though.

what gui did you install for the xserver to run?
( gnome is default fedora gui )

hit escape key to make sure you are not in graphical boot mode... then hit the i to enter interactive boot, tell the system NOT to start the network card at boot this time.
see if you get the rest of the way.

the black screen sounds like 2 things:
the swap between required system services and optional services during bootup
and an improperly configured xserver.

roughly halfway through boot sequence the screen will flicker, sometimes wiping all data from it, this itself isn't a problem. the boot sequence then continues and more readiness / failed status messages appear.
then a login prompt if you are using console ( runlevel 3 )
a login screen if runlevel 5 or graphic interface.

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by Jaqui In reply to

so we know it's a network setting that is stopping the boot.
if you specified dhcp and your connection is a static ip, or the other way around, then that is what is killing the internet.

disable it during boot.
loging as root.
remove the connection.
double check firewall settings.
add a network connection, making sure the config for the ip is correct.
then you should be able to go online simply by stopping and starting the network services.
( rebuilds data to include functioning network card )

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by jmgarvin In reply to Fedora Core wont finsh bo ...

Did you manually setup your firewall? Did you set your default policy to DROP everything? Did you forget to include lo for ACCEPT all?

It sounds like you have some wonky issue. Go into interactive mode (i when it starts to boot) and don't let the network card start...

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by sarahmeggs In reply to Fedora Core wont finsh bo ...


What you can do is see if you can get to one of the other consoles to see if there are any messages/errors during boot. You can get there by hitting AltFx keys. AltF1 is the default one you see, but you can get other output on other consoles. At least this way you will be able to see where it is failing. does it eventually time out?


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by michael In reply to Fedora Core wont finsh bo ...

yeah it boots up eventually with out internet

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