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Fedora Kernal panic

By salahu007 ·
After a few days of operation (my Linux box is a Sendmail mail server) the system kernel panics comes with information about stack pointer is garbage , BAD EIP Value, Fatal Exception in interrupt ,not syncing : Why is it causing my system to kernel panic? .

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by Jaqui In reply to Fedora Kernal panic

do you have a core?
which version of fedora?
what is the rest of the system config?

but if a stack pointer is going bad, it sounds like a ram chip has a bad spot.
when it gets used it crashes the system.

ctcs, aka cerebrus, vasoft's memory checker.
get a copy and use this to test the ram chips, in a different box.
this tool WILL, repeat WILL crash the system.
it is designed to pound the ram into system crash.
do NOT use on production machines.*

if they test clean, then you have a config problem or not enough swap drive.
( swap partition = 2*ram is the minimum )

* taken from package description of cerebrus

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by Jaqui In reply to

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