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Fedora mail server (sendmail, dovecot) can't receive external email.

By Podium78 ·
Hello Expert.
We had mail hosted by another company in the US, we had one email account whish was
A week ago I configured a mail server fedora (sendmail, dovecot) and I asked this company to redirect the domain name, to our office IP address, which they did, they still have hosted at their site.
After I finished configuring the server, I created two users, test1 and test2 from those two users I can send everywhere using either outlook or usermin, I can SEND and RECEIVE locally between those users, I can telnet port 25 and port 110 from the local network and from outside as well, no problem at all, but for some reason I can???t receive emails from outside into those users, let???s say if I send from hotmail to I get error MSG saying connection refused user unknown.
The interesting thing is when I send from hotmail to I don???t get this MSG but also I don???t receive the email, it???s like it has been lost in space.
So am expecting that somehow the domain name is not correctly directed to our office IP address, so my question is, is there a way to check where the email is going? To see the difference between the path that is using, and the path of
if you think that I have a problem with my configuration and the problem is not in the domain name, please let me know.
Thank you very much in advance.

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