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    Fedora vs Ubuntu


    by tom ·

    I used to be a Fedora Advocate until Ubuntu 7.0. My take is Redhat/Fedora/Centos for Servers and Desktop hands down is Ubuntu! The 8.0 version simply rocks!!

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      Debian better than both of them

      by j-mart ·

      In reply to Fedora vs Ubuntu

      Fedora is never a finished product and Ubuntu is, besides being anoying and less secure by virtue of disabled root account, is mostly window dressing. With Debian when they release a stable version they really mean it. Realease cycle is longer than most other Distro’s but you get real advancement and not just cosmetic window dressing. Simply Mepis and specialised Debian based Distro’s such as Studio 64 (for multimedia production) also are much better than Fedora or Ubuntu.

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        gief Freebsd

        by wratholix ·

        In reply to Debian better than both of them

        cos you know its the bomb for your server.
        I dont think anything can run more stable than fbsd. Desktop.. hmm Linux is more practical, i’d choose debian as well.

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          by j-mart ·

          In reply to gief Freebsd

          I’ve only heard positive things about
          FreeBSD. I think I should give it a try.

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          you can beat freeBSD

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to gief Freebsd

          use openBSD for secure server system.
          beats freeBSD, and every other option.

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