Few keys not working

By Arachia ·
If you look inside the keyboard you will see 3 thin sheets of plastic.

On one of these sheet, at the edge, I found a line that looks "erased" at one tiny spot. this line connects to the keys that aren't working.

I need to find a way to rewrite this line. Any one know how to do this?

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Get a new one

by tmalo627 In reply to Few keys not working

Keyboards are so inexpensive that it's not worth wasting your time trying to repair a damaged one.

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by balge In reply to Few keys not working

depends on the material, you could try bridging with something like conductive ink ?
bit specialised I think, maybe the stuff to repair windscreen heater elements from auto place?

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The easy way is to replace the faulty Keyboard

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Few keys not working

These Tracks are etched onto the plastic by a special process which removes the conductive material. So the entire Sheet of Plastic is coated with a conductive film which is then treated by a special process and the excess coating is removed only leaving the necessary tracks.

In an emergency you can sometimes get away with using a pen with a conductive Ink to redraw the tracks/contacts but this is always a Last Resort and should only be considered as a Temporary Measure till the Keyboard can be replaced.


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for sure, but...

by balge In reply to The easy way is to replac ...

just check out the price of replacement keyboards for laptops though, its worth a try! Mate of mine got stung nearly ?300 for a Vaio replacement keyboard....

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I'm not sure that he purchased that

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to for sure, but...

At the right place. But if he likes paying way too much for things I have lots of stuff for sale.

$300.00 for a Keyboard is way too expensive unless it was for something very old or obscure.


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Sony Vaio

by balge In reply to I'm not sure that he purc ...

it was a ?2000 Sony Vaio, cost included sending abroad (Ireland) for the repair...
Think it was to keep the warranty?
hm cant seem to localise keyboard that question mark should have been 'pound sign'...

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by tmalo627 In reply to Sony Vaio

That's why. He paid for shipping and labor. The keyboard itself is still relatively inexpensive and very simple to replace.

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not really..

by balge In reply to Labor

the price was mainly the keyboard, how much 'labour' is it to change a keyboard? and shipping is peanuts

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For the correct Region Settings

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sony Vaio

Look in the Control Panel and set it there to the UK that should cure the Keyboard layout and give the right local currency signs.

As for paying a Shop to replace a Keyboard from my experience the Labor always exceeds the cost of the Spare Parts that are used. This is not something reserved for computers but every appliance. That price even with Shipping and Labor still seems very wrong to me particularly when you consider that a UK Pound is worth about $2.00 AU and a Sony Vaio Keyboard here is about $35 to $50. Read that as somewhere around 17 to 25 UK Pounds.


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region ...just checking

by balge In reply to For the correct Region Se ...

TR settings seems to be the problem, my keyboards fine, shows fine here when I type it here its a pound sign ? but when its posted here its a question mark ?...

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