ffdshow compatibility manager and it's purpose

By markschu ·
Ok folks. Here is something else I don't grasp yet. I received my computer back from the shop and of course some things are starting to happen that I have never seen. When I d/l my pics from my Sony Cybershot to my computer, this box popped up (with a countdown timer no less to scare the crap out of me!): ffdshow compatibility manager. IT SAYS: The application "explorer.exe" has made an attmept to load ffdshow. This dialog is shown because this application is not listed in the ffdshow whitelist or blacklist. Your choice will be applied to both audio and video, if both are used. THEN IT HAS THE OPTIONS: Don't use ffdshow. (just this once) Don't use ffdshow (always) Use ffdsow. (just this once) Use ffdshow (always) ALSO THERE IS A BOX TO TICK: Report this exe file name via internet anonymously.
THEN IT SHOWS: Explanation: ffdshow will be used if ti is set to decode a format. The application will be added to "DirectShow control"->"Use ffdsow only in". THEN A BOX TO TICK: Don't ask me again.
Before I click ANYTHING, I need to know 1)What this is?. 2)What it does? 3)Do I need it?
I'm going to leave the box out of sight until someone (hopefully soon..lol) responds. I know it relates to decoders and codecs and things of that nature (which I STILL can't quite grasp) but I don't want to mess anything up again, as that is why my computer was in the shop in the first place, trying to get my TV Wonder (as in , I WONDER why I bought it) 650 Combo card working with MCE again. (WORSE than pulling teeth, I believe) I know a lot of different codecs and things were changed and d/l so this was probably related to that. I await your expertise...

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Well provided that the Sony Digital Camera software was installed

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to ffdshow compatibility man ...

What you are seeing is a pop up telling you that when you plug in your Camera it is trying to start some of the Supplied Software from Sony.

Depending on what Security Applications are installed you may see a Box asking you to approve this Application for use on this computer.

If you want to use the Sony Software all you need do is approve this for every use but it's not necessary as you can treat the Sony Digital Camera as a Memory Device and just navigate to it from Windows Explorer and transfer your pictures to where you want them to be rather than the Default Location provided by the Sony Software.

When you plug in the camera a program called Picture Package normally opens and this can be used to move the pictures off the camera.

If you want to do this manually all you need do is open My Computer Select the Sony Memory Stick and then the DCIM Folder and you'll find all of your pictures located there. I believe that the Movie Files are also located there but as I've never used my Sony to capture Video I am not 100% sure of that.

I hope that is of help to you.


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ffdshow is a set of codecs for video

by seanferd In reply to Well provided that the So ...

You or someone else who uses the computer must have downloaded and installed it to view some otherwise unsupported type of video.

As Col noted, Explorer is attempting to autorun files from your device, and in order to do so, ffdshow was called as it would be required to run said files. Some bit of software was just asking if that was OK, and did you want to set a permanent preference.

ffdshow is a perfectly fine, legitimate, and useful bit of software, as are VLC Media Player or K-Lite codecs, which can also provide support for media that isn't natively supported by Windows.

Personally, I turn off autorun for all removable media. If I want to find a file, execute an application, or run some sort of media, I prefer to do it manually. YMMV. You can set autorun preferences for a variety of filetypes : With the removable media loaded, right click on the drive in Explorer, click Properties, go to the Autorun tab, and set preferences for each possible filetype available in the drop-down combo box.

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that expains it

by markschu In reply to ffdshow is a set of codec ...

pretty well, thanks. The control panel for ffdshow actually popped up on my desktop and I must say, WOW! I never realized you could have so many controls to mess up your sound/video! Now I am going to tweak the settings until I need help again ; )

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Cool. Glad we could help.

by seanferd In reply to that expains it

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