ffdshow.exe and Windows Media Player 11

By bkoelrich ·
I installed "ffdshow.exe" from "SourceForge" and still there is no sound when trying to play an actual, physical DVD on Windows Media Player. The video is visble, although that too, even in "full screen" mode, only shows as a "box" in the middle of the screen - it doesn't fill the monitor's entire screen area.
I'm looking for ways to gey WMP11 going because I don't want various players on my PC just to do specific things. Right now, WMP11 will play any and all music tracks (except purchased, protected ones from Apple & Rhapsody), whether they're ripped from a CD or downloaded off the Internet. It will also play both the audio & video of any video file downloaded off the internet as long as the free download "Codecs All-In-One" is installed. It will also play downloaded videos in true full-screen where the entire monitor's screen is used. The ONLY thing left is to get it to play the audio from DVDs, and to play the video portion of each DVD where the video image fills the entire monitor screen in full-screen mode.
Yes, the sentiment is true, WMP11 sucks!
However, anyone have ideas in regards to remedying what I've mentioned above USING WMP11?
Thanks again for any help any of you can offer.

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Better to go for a 'Self-Equipped' all-in-one player like

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ffdshow.exe and Windows M ...

GOM player. It has its own embedded codec system so it is self-contained.

What you've got is a 'Heath-Robinson' affair, made up of lots of individual bits.

Download GOM and throw that WiMP in the trash!

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