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Fiber & Cat 5 LAN Network

By nightwolfzor ·

Im looking for some hardware for a network to support 800 clients... The building the network is designed for is very large and therfore no matter where i place a central server room, CAT 5 will not be able to reach...

I was thinking of using fiber... However I have never had any experience with fiber networks...

Basically what I am looking for is a fiber optic switch with 8-16 ports... I was looking a MM fiber with MT-RJ cpnnectors... I was woundering if any 1 could reccomend some optic switches that would work... I also need 5-6 24port 10/100/1000 switches using cat 5 cable that are able to plug into the fiber switch...

So i need....
One 8-16 port fiber switch...
then i need a few gigbit switches that can be connected the the fiber switch via an uplink port or GBIC card or wat ever... I also then need to connect the fiber swtich the the server back bone...

Could some1 please give me some links and some reccomended hardware????



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too many options

by paulr In reply to Fiber & Cat 5 LAN Network

Unless you plan on having custom cables made I don't like MT-RJ - you almost never see those connectors on the switch side, ST, SC, and LC have a lot bigger presence on the switch side.

That being said the connectors on the switch side are trivial because as said above you only need to buy / make / have made a custom cable with the appropriate connectors on each end. As long as you use the same type of fiber, and the same transmission mode (SX, LX, laser), it's all good (You would want to use SX in a building, it's good through 1KM usually).

It's difficult to tell exactly what you're trying to do - remember interconnects between switches (like the fiber and the gigabit switch, and the fiber and the servers) are limited to the link speed, so all data between the two will be limited to 1000mbps, or 2-3gbps if your hardware supports link aggregation and you know how to set it up. There can be some merit to putting all your high-bandwidth devices on one fabric.

Any 10/100 switch with gigabit uplinks tends to support fiber of some sort, either by SFP modules (LC connector) or GBIC modules (SC connector). Some switches also can use their own custom-built fiber modules, but tend to stay away from these if you can - replacing them later can be problematic, and they are generally not hot-swappable.

As for brands, what are your needs and what is your budget? Upgrade / expansion plans? I can find you used gigabit fiber switches on ebay under $200, or managed layer-3 ones with 10gbe upgrade potential for $10k+

I just managed to get my hands on a extreme summit 7i (28 copper + 4 fiber) for - very cheap. While they make fiber gigabit cards for servers, many these days have copper gigabit onboard, so I prefer copper to the servers. with 28 ports I can also put a few key client stations on the same fabric, and still have 4 downlinks for switches for 10/100 clients.

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by marcaccini In reply to Fiber & Cat 5 LAN Network

Enterasys has a model that sounds like what yoare looking for. Unfortunatly, it escapes me at the moment.

if you have the cash to spend you could go for a Cisco 6500 series and put cards in that are strictly fiber and then 48 port cards that are GIG ethernet.

Enterasys isnt going to cost you quite as much for a similar outcome.

The nice thing about the cisco idea is you can do it all in one device.

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