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    Fibre connection between switches


    by ian007 ·

    I installed 2 cisco switches each with GBIC SX modules, patched them in with fibre patch leads and they worked fine.
    I then inserted another GBIC into one of the cisco switches and connected it to a fibre module in an existing 3Com switch that was already installed and was known to be working.
    It did not work with the default settings on the cisco switch and whatever configurations on the 3Com switch. (I did not install the 3com switch)
    Do any configuration changes need to be made in the switches to get them to talk to each other.
    Thanks in Advance

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      Fibre connection between switches

      by bainessj ·

      In reply to Fibre connection between switches

      3com switches are known to go bad, I have experienced problems with them before. And if your doing a daisey chain then you may need do an access list in the table.

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      Fibre connection between switches

      by integrity ·

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      The encapsulation needs to be changed on the CISCO switch from CISCO default which is fine if only CISCO devies are on the network. If any other devices are on the network that are not cisco then the IETF encapsultion needs to be used as the headerformat is different.

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