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File Access Control for Senior Managers

By Shepdog28 ·
I'm faced with a situation where a Manager is demanding full access to all data files on our system. Where can I find IT Governance documents discussing how to manage access for Managers and Senior Managers?

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I'm afraid it isn't that simple

by JamesRL In reply to File Access Control for S ...

There isn't a template that every company uses, or even a standard. There may or may not be a company policy.

If no written policy exists, I would not provide such access without a more senior manager's approval. I know in one Fortune 100 company I worked for, it required a document signed by the CIO to approve any searches onto user secured data like email, share drive access or access to the PC. And the CIO wasn't going to allow this unless there was substantial evidence pointing to malfeasance.


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Thank you

by Shepdog28 In reply to I'm afraid it isn't that ...

I can see how this would work for some of the more sensitive data on the system. My question failed to mention that my problem has to do with data on our ERP system. Getting approval from a Senior Manager is the direction I was thinking of. Your response confirms that I was starting down the right road!!

Thanks very much.

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Our model

by CharlieSpencer In reply to File Access Control for S ...

is that all storage areas on the network are owned by someone - a project manager, a department head, the person who requested a storage area be created, etc. Our written policy says access to each area must be authorized by the person who owns it. The owner also determines the level of access (read only or modify).

This keeps IT out of the access fights. We don't do anything without the owner's authorization.

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Thank you

by Shepdog28 In reply to Our model

This is how I manage access to functional areas of our ERP system and now realize that it would be the best way to manage the other data areas.

I appreciate your reply.

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