FIle access on 2008 server

By hueta ·
Thanks for any help in advanced.

The Environment

1) Domain with AD

2) File share resides on Server 2008

a) \\server name\f$\folder name

b) Share permissions for file - Everyone - Full control

c) Group permissions for file - Local Admin, Domain Admin, System - All with full control

d) File sharing is turned on

e) Public folder and printer sharing is turned off

3) Client machines XP Pro (Clients have user rights only with roaming profiles)

4) My login is a member of the domain admin group

5) WINS and DNS are running.

I am not getting a login prompt when trying to access the shared folder when not logged in with my account or Admin account.


To help a client I use remote assistance to control their PC. I need to retrieve a fix from the shared folder. I bring up the run line from the clients pc and type in the path of the shared folder and hit enter (\\server name\Folder name) instead of a login box that I can enter my username & password for access I get "\\server name\shared folder is not assessable. You might not have permissions to use the network resource Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions Access Denied". If I browse to it, I can see it but I still get denied.

From my PC under my login I can access it without any problems.


How do I force the login prompt so I can gain access to the shared folder from the clients login, without causing problems to the exchange or any other server?

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by ---TK--- In reply to FIle access on 2008 serve ...

going into cmd and typing runas /?. You should be able to do something like this from the run command...
RUNAS /noprofile /netonly /user:Domain\User "file \\server\folder\"

Its been a while since I have used the command but tinker with it and it should work for you.

Added: Upon messing around with the command "runas /profile /user:Domain\User "file \\server\folder\"" worked out for me... hopefully that might work for you.

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Hoping for setting fix

by hueta In reply to try...

I was hoping for a settings change that would correct the problem, but there may not be one. First attempt with command line was unsuccessful but I will keep trying.

Thanks for your reply

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so here's a wrap up

by CG IT In reply to FIle access on 2008 serve ...

you have a hidden drive F$ with a shared folder. you want to connect to the hidden drive with the shared folder, not file, over the network.

the command would be \\computer ip address\hidden drive\shared folder name so you can access files located in the shared folder.

you only use the computer name if you have DNS or WINS which will resolve the name to an address. It is not always true where there is a DNS entry for a host on the network.

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DNS and WINS are running

by hueta In reply to so here's a wrap up

I have a DNS and WINS running. If I put in the ?\\Server IP\F$\folder name? I still do not get a login prompt to access the folder(from a users logged in pc). The problem is not getting to the folder. I can browse to it; I can access it from my login with both IP and Server name addressing. If I open the NTFS permissions to domain users or everyone, I can access it from anyone?s login. The problem is getting a prompt so I can enter a username and password to access it when I have the folder locked down, except for domain admin?s group, and I?m trying to access it from a user?s pc and the user is logged in with their user rights.

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