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File Access stored on Server

By shaundyc ·

Server Setup (W2K3 Server R2 Std ed)

NIC1 IP Add: 192.168.X.X - Private
Subnet: 255.255.X.X

NIC2 IP Add: 58.71.X.X - Public (from ISP)
Subnet: 255.255.X.X
Default Gateway: 51.71.X.X
PDNS: 210.X.X.X
ADNS: 210.X.X.X

Workstations with Public IP Add (58.71.X.X )can't access files to our server. Error messages says "The network was not found" when we try accessing the server in My Network Places.

Public IP was issued by our ISP for VPN connection overseas.

And even workstation to workstation access was not possible. All of this WS are not members of the domain as the owners are mobile, their user account are configured as local administrator. They are all in workgroup. WS OS are mix with Windows 2000 & XP Pro.

What do I have to configure or install so that this WS can access files on our server (btw all files or folders in the said server are shared with proper user permissions in placed)?

Looking for immediate response.

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by robo_dev In reply to File Access stored on Ser ...

1) The 58 address is behind a proper firewall, no?

2) You should not try to connect workstations on the public side of the server. it would be more logical for the workstations to be on the 192 side of the server. You could then configure sharing and so forth on the 192 interface

3) IF the 58 address is directly connected to the internet (gulp), then it would be logical that services such as microsoft networking would and should be disabled (making My Network Places not work).

4)Assuming that there is VPN client software installed, it is going to block insecure connection types like microsoft networking on that interface.

VPN clients also do not typically allow 'split tunneling', since it opens up a huge security hole (hijacked connections and worse). Enabling split tunneling may make your setup work, but renders the VPN vulnerable to attack as it is accessible through the public, non-secure network.

The VPN client enforces connectivity rules, and in some cases creates a 'virtual adapter' and enforces strict personal firewall rules to protect the VPN connection. All these things will keep your VPN secure....and all these things will stop Microsoft Networking from operating.

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by curlergirl In reply to File Access stored on Ser ...

When the mobile workstations make the VPN connection, is the RRAS server assigning them an IP address on the local network (in the 192.168.x.x subnet)? Ideally, if you are using DHCP on your local network, you can set the RRAS server to use your local DHCP server to assign IP addresses to the VPN clients and also apply the correct DNS/WINS server addresses. Or they can be set up on the workstation side so that the VPN connection uses a static IP address. If static, it has to be in the 192.168.x.x range with the DNS/WINS set to use the local domain DNS/WINS servers also. Either way, the VPN clients have to be using a 192.168.x.x address on the VPN connection in order to be able to browse the local subnet.

Hope this helps!

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by shaundyc In reply to File Access stored on Ser ...

Thanks for the response.

As for number

1. The 58 address is issued to us by the local ISP, it is configured on those mobile WS with mix OS like w2k pro & xp pro. So it is not behind a proper firewall.

2. We've tried configuring all WS on the 192 subnet but the problem we encounter is that the first user who successfully connect to VPN got kick out immediately when a user2 attempts to connect to VPN.

3. Yes it is directly connected to the internet, its the setup the previous IT made. Let me check the services running.

4. Yes there is a VPN installed, its a Cisco VPN client.

BTW they are all attached to a Linksys 42 port Switch (gulp! gulp!)

Is there any solution to this? But first thing I have to accomplised is to have this mobile WS access files on Server.

More Thanks!

Hoping you can help me on this one.

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by shaundyc In reply to File Access stored on Ser ...

Thanks for the response.

All mobile WS has static IP add of the 58 address and all WS in the 192 subnet are also has static ip of the 192 subnet.

The problem with 192 subnet on this mobile WS was that the first user who connects to VPN got kick out immediately when a second user attempts to connect also to VPN.

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by shaundyc In reply to File Access stored on Ser ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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