File and Folder Permissions are a TrainWreck!!

By brentc76 ·
hello there,

I have recently joined a company and I am finally getting to the point
that I cannot stand the File and Folder permissions any longer. there
are several folders as well as folders within folders, and of course
Files everywhere on the shares. The File and Folder Management (or
lack there of) is a disaster! there are users assinged to folders, and
files within folders. and it is all over the place. I want to get this
cleaned up and organized like it should be. I know how it is supposed
to be set up, but one thing I need assistance with is some sort of tool
to find out who has access to what. I have found a tool called
AccessEnum, but I am just now getting to run it. Is there a better
method that anyone has used or would recommend? (besides the ole'
fashioned way of opening each folder/file' s security...haha)

any ideas would be appreciated.


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You're pretty much stuck.

by bart777 In reply to File and Folder Permissio ...

Unless you just want to cut all access to the old shares and fight it out with the users then you are on the right track.

Sorry to hear that you walked into a minefield there. I hate to hear about things like this where an hour of planning could have saved days of work.

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Windows has a tool that might help for user rights

by CG IT In reply to File and Folder Permissio ...

but that assumes that permissions were set by groups.


queries the Access token.

works on XP and is in the support/tools directory .

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replace permissions on child objects

by grant.r.johnson.ctr In reply to File and Folder Permissio ...

if this is on a standalone computer log into user with admin access and right click on drive and go properties, security tab, advanced button, removed indivdual users and make sure at least one user or group has "full control" permision and check the box that says replace permission on all child objects, click apply, if a prompt comes up giving option or copy or remove, click copy, this flushes permisions and sets them all to the drive parent security options

as far as orginizing permisions, create user groups rather than individual users, on the computer for standalone or active directory for shared resources

I'm assuming you understand how to create security groups and link them to files and folders, but that's how you flush all the nasty permissions and start with a "clean slate"

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Thanks Guys!

by brentc76 In reply to File and Folder Permissio ...

Thanks for providing advice. As I looked at each answer, I too have thought of the same, but I was hoping that I was unaware of a really neat and slick tool that could help out. I guess I will be spending some overtime fixing this mess. Like it was mentioned, "Several days of work for what someone could have properly done in an hour or so".... Thanks Again.

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