file and setting transfer

By rabindra69 ·
i saved my settings usinf the Xp file and setting transfer wizaed, but am now having trouble loading the settings onto my new computer.
When i tell the wizard where the files and settings are by selecting browse and then my USB drive then the folder I created, it responds with the file is not in that location.
I have checked myself and the folder contains 2 files, IMG000001.DAT and STATUS.
Anyone have any suggestions?

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If the file was an the hard drive

by ComputerCookie In reply to file and setting transfer

it would work a lot more quickly for a start.

The wizard will won't to access this file on numerous occassions(very slow with USB 1.1) and for this reason on the few occassions I've used it I have always copied the file and run from the hard disk drive.

Copy the folder to the HDD and see what happens!

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This may work

by mdsebastian In reply to file and setting transfer

I have spent the better part of two days after searching for FASTconv.exe and others. I ran across a post here that, so far, is working.
When you get to the question about NEW or OLD, of course I was trying to transfer the files I had transferred back to the new disk.
I kept hitting the folder USMT2.UNC and kept getting that miserable message about the file not being there etc.
Finally I saw a small answer: identify the folder that the USMT2.UNC file is in, NOT the USMT2.UNC folder itself.
In my case: an external hard drive... and the folder "TRANSFER 3-12-09" in which the "USMT2.UNC" folder was parked.
Once I clicked the "Transfer" folder, away it went.
I sincerely hope this helps.

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