File association

By Ralenm ·
I tried to open a file and a window poped up called "Open With". I accidentlly clicked Adobe Reader, now everytime I try to open the file the Adobe Reader window opens and says the the Adobe Reader is unable to open this file, it is invalid or corrupted. How can I dis-associate these two files. Thank you. Bob Meadows

This problem in on Windows XP

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Right click

by zlitocook In reply to File association

The file and if you do not get the open with in the box click away from the file and hold down the left shift key and right click the file. You should get the open with, click on it and choose what program you want to open the file with. There should be a check box that says always open with this program, click on it.

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Another option..

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to File association

In windows explorer:

Go to Tools -> Folder Options
Then Select the "file types" tab
Find the file extension you need changed and click on the "change" button then select the right program.

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File association

by Ralenm In reply to File association

I got several very good suggestions and I tried them but was unable to resolve my problem.

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The second answer is mostly right, he left out the final step

by Deadly Ernest In reply to File association

here it all is again

click on My Computer icon,

From the menu select Tools,
slide down to Folder options, click

From this sub window select the File Types tab,

find and select the file type you're interested in and highlight it

click on the Advanced tab

in this sub window, you should see a number of actions (NB they're not always all there) the common ones are RUN, OPEN, EDIT, VIEW.

Highlight the action you wish to change, then hit the Edit button.

Make the changes you want.

Exit hitting the Apply, Save, and OK buttons, whenever they appear.

NB Change every action you may use with this file type, as you can have different actions open different programs. I once had a system set to VIEW images with ACDSee, while OPEN activated Photo Shop.

If you change all the action, this should promulgate through the system. Usually doesn't require a reset, but sometime it does. It's MS Windows, what more can I say.

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File association

by Ralenm In reply to The second answer is most ...

I would like to say "a big thanks to everyone" for your response. The reply from Deadly Ernest has several tips I hadn't tried, so that is my step. Thank again. Bob M.

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My bad

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to The second answer is most ...

Thanks for adding the steps I left out

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