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File Contents Missing

By dross007 ·
This is strange, I have 6 XP stations in a workgroup setup. 1 Pro and the rest XP Home edition, 2 wired (XP Pro,and one XP Home Station), the rest on wireless. The XP Pro box is where all data is access by all stations. My access database file at different times is missing data (Contents seem to have disappeared)but the file remains the same, size, location, etc. This even happen in a low tech Database program (MyDatabase from My Software folks) today. The file was there but the data in the file was gone. In all cases I had to restore from backup. Any suggestions, I'm at a loss. Thanks in Advance.

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by Juanita Marquez In reply to File Contents Missing

It is possibly user error. I don't know how experienced your users are or how large your file is, but perhaps if you changed database permissions and set up front end access on each of the other computers and kept the back end only on the Pro machine, someone wouldn't be able to wipe out the information. As you know, Access doesn't allow for undoing information, so it is possible someone may have mistakenly erased the data as they were trying to run an update or filter. If your database isn't overly large, I would also suggest duplicating it on another area on the Pro machine (without user access) for yourself just to see if the contents mysteriously vanish without anyone touching them - if they do, it's a faulty machine issue; if they don't, then it is something a user is doing.

I'm not familiar with the other program, but if it is user error, that could explain the issue there as well. Good luck.

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