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file copy protection

By jhgoh ·
hi..i had a situation did we prevent staff from copying file saved in company pc or notebook to their own personal pc??meaning to say that..the particular file can only be open or access inside the company's pc or notebook within the actually can we do that??it there any software that provide this services???

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Administrator Priviledge

by FunInAlaska In reply to file copy protection

It is up to the Administrator to controll the priviledge to users. Otherwise you may view a file but not alter it. If the employee has to use the file and then they copy it you can get a variety of software to help with that.
If you have employee's that are downloading files they do not use talk to your security administator to block access, or user priviledge.
Hope that helps.

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by jhgoh In reply to Administrator Priviledge

thanx alot kim..i'm sorry kim but how do we control the priviledge on users??and another question is you mention about variety of software that does not allow copy of files..can u please name me a few???cos i couldn't find any..what i found is for cd copy protection..lots of it..but couldn't find any copy protection on networks..

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Are You Ready

by FunInAlaska In reply to

As weird as it seems any software that locks children out, like Internet Guard Dog,(McAfee), can also lock them out of your control panel, thus not being able to get into certain programs. I had three teenages who where constantly getting into software and messing around. After intalling this application, lo and behold, I was also able to lock them out of whatever application that resided on my computer. A nice afterthought to that software.
Ok, next question. Your security Administrator should know that you can let people into software, maybe to add input, and copy the changes, however, the only way it will really save it is for the person working on it to put it on a floppy and give it to the Administrator.
What happens is the user is not given the total application, just a copy of the templates so they can do there work. If they want a specific file then the Admin gives them the priviledge to modify it, however, the must back up to floppy once again to be installed on the total application, Microsoft Excel is a good software to do a trial on. Does that help?
So basically you can assign the user for certain priviledges to the application, modifying it at their station, but not having access to the total application, especially not messing with other users data.
Hope that helps.

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by jhgoh In reply to Are You Ready

thanx for the reply, kim..but i think u got me wrong,kim...i doesnt want to control on who accessing what program..i just want to control on the file or more precise, the source code..i don't want anybody to see the content of the source code outside my company's network..they can see, make changes or even copy within the network...but if they try to open to view the content outside our network...the source code become something rubbish or does not provide any information...get me???hope to hear it from u again...

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Deep Freeze

by FunInAlaska In reply to

Did you see this article?
Techs who support PCs in an open environment get tired of end users
tampering with their Windows settings, installing programs, and deleting
Windows system files. Findout how Deep Freeze can undo any user-made
changes with a simple system reboot.

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