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File copy - read only, no copying. cheater!

By AcidJazz ·
Heres the thing see. If I want to show someone some work i have done. I can send it to them then give them a password to open the file and so they can see it. However, when I give them a disk or use one of my own - they can still copy the document to thier own machine. If it open you can just do save as and asve it as another file with no password. So you can disable saving. But then you can jsut copy the source file and you would still know the password. How can I write files to CD or floppy and disable the abilty to copy the file from the disk to anywhere else. That way I can lend someone a disk with my work on let them look - disable saving so they cannot do a save as and also deny them the right to copy the file to thier own machine or disk.

Is it worth looking into encryption for this type of thing or am i barking up the wrong tree alltogether.
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try the Technical Q&A forum

by Oz_Media In reply to File copy - read only, no ...

You will find that you will get a faster response if you post to the Technical Q&A forum.

You will need to offer some points for the correct answer(s) but don't worry, you will be given a 1000 point bonus when you close the question and award the offered points.

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Not to my

by Don_C In reply to File copy - read only, no ...

Knowledge if you give them rights to read then they will be able to copy unless you stand right top of them. But if you post your question in the Q&A if Techrepublic then you will get a better answer and be able to reward someone for there hard work

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