File copyed but data in files are not identical

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Hi, I need some thoughts here.

I copied a folder from computer1 to computer2.
The folder did not exist on computer2, prior to copying.
In the folder there was a database-file.
Computer1 died.

When we now look at the folder on computer2, the database file is there, but there are 2 issues:
The modified date on the database file is 4 years old (properties in windows file explorer).
When we mount the database file from the folder on Computer2, the data in the database are 4 years old.
The thing is, that a user is claiming that there was lots of data going into the database the last 4 years.

How is this possible (or is it)?

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Possibly didnt finish copying

by tcavadias Staff In reply to File copyed but data in f ...

I am thinking it either didnt finish copying or the dile had errors and ignore them.

Tammy :-)

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Another reason for this happening

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to File copyed but data in f ...

Is that the data saved wasn't saved to it's default Location the user for some reason have changed the location of where the data was saved and when you copied the folder it did not contain the Saved data.

I've seen this happen with a lot of Accounting Programs where the user has changed the default Save Location for whatever reason and has forgotten where or why they have made the alteration and then tell the Tech what they want.

Anyway the good news here is that provided you have the now dead system that the data was on all you need do is lift the HDD out of it plug in a USB to HDD Adaptor and read the HDD for the data and then copy it off.

Of course if they have password protected the HDD or encrypted it things get more difictult but it is still copyable.

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