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By siegmeister ·
I have a Compaq CL380, with a 140GB SCSI shared array data storage, 2@ 1Ghz Xeon processors, 1GB RAM running Windows 2000 Advanced server. It has a "sister" server sharing the array, but it not running clustering packages. The device is being used as a image server (a repository of PowerQuest Drive Image files,... .pqi) and used to deploy and house images.

Our problem is this, every so often the images (and other data copied to the shared array storage) becomes corrupt and we have to run chkdsk /, reboot and reload the data from CD. Has anyone seen this before?

We had the same issue on a Compaq Proliant 3000, so we went to the CL380 to try to resolve this without success. We had previously used a Dell GX150 for this purpose, and never had the file corruption, but when we went to a server class machine we began having the issue. We considered going back to the workstation, but would prefer to stay with the server class machine since it is a more robust hardware platform has a GIG network interface (thus is "more faster" and can handle imaging multiple machines simultaneously with minimal performance degradation).

Thanks in advance for all your help

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by cuziyq In reply to File corrpution

When you say the sister server is "Sharing" the array, what do you mean by this? Is the array a NAS box? An iSCSI box?

Also, is the array controller an aftermarket controller or did it come with the equipment? Compaq servers are kind of "funny" that way.

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by siegmeister In reply to File corrpution

The CL series Compaq servers are nothing more than 2 DL series nodes (servers) meant to run clustered (or they can be run as 2 separate nodes). The "shared" array is just that, the shared storage designed for both nodes to access. The server is entirely Compaq standard equipment, purcgased as a package from Compaq. Each "node" has a SCSI controller AND has a connection to the shared array controller as well. (It's kind of a coool device, 2 servers and the shared array all in one nice neat little box.

As I stated before, the corruption seems to be more relative to Windows 2000 server (advanced and standard) than to the hardware,... the only common point between the 2 servers experiencing the issue is that they are both Compaq hardware, though one is a CL380, the other is a Proliant 3000 box.

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