File duplication Hotmail & WLM

By rodellpr ·
Unfamiliar with protocol for this forum website. Assume appearance of my message followed by only Sponsored items means there has been no response.

If wrong, please advise exactly how to access.

Thank you.

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No that is correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to File duplication Hotmail ...

But if you ask a question you should receive E-Mail Notifications every time someone attempts to answers your question.

Now what was it you wanted to ask?


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by rodellpr In reply to No that is correct

Fair dinkum, OH Smeg. Due to my unfamiliarity, had much difficulty resurrecting this post, and still wonder why it wasn't apparent to you, prompting inquiry.
Here it is:

File duplication Hotmail & Winows Live Mail
In the interests of retaining free Memory, I'd like to avoid duplication of file contents in folders of Hotmail & WLM.

Easily done if you only use WLM, but then you're handicapped by absence of IE and various other differences. As it automatically copies files (and folders if named therein), there's considerable duplication. In one case, SENT, I have retained files for several years (forget compression!), and that's several thousand files.

Removing from Hotmail may be the only answer, but that ends up restricting outgoing messages in some cases, and in checking info in lots of other cases. Back/forth to WLM impractical.

Particularly if any of you MSN experts have a better suggestion!
Posted: 06/13/2008 @ 06:29 AM (PDT)

PS: 10/08/2008: Latest version WLM is a real catastrophe so far as I'm concerned. Changes all sorts of things from what existed previously, and no explanations;fait accompli

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Sorry but I don't use either Hot mail or WLM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to FILE DUPLICATION HOTMAIL ...

Because I support Business systems which generally use Outlook. Because I only do Business work I don't need to support Vista because many Mission Critical Applications are not currently available for that M$ Offering and some are very unlikely to ever be made or Ported to Vista.

But speaking from past Experience we Archive all Old Mail from the systems to External Media once we get near a Gig of Stored Compressed Saved Mail. We just backup the Complete Mail Folders to external Media and delete any Old Mail from the different Store Folders and Sent Folder. We may keep a months or 2 depending on who's system this is.

If it is required we just setup a system and Import the Archived Mail to allow the Investigators to scan through it to see if any was sent that they are interested in.

Just remember this if you use CD or DVD Blanks to Save to. They start to loose Integrity after 5 years of ideal storage so you need to copy these disc's before they become unreadable. When we used to use Optical Storage we copied every Disc at the 3 year mark so that Data wasn't not lost. But if these recorded Disc's are subject to direct sunlight they will have a shorter life expediency so you would have to act accordingly. Now we use External HDD's fitted to USB or Firewire Caddies it takes a couple of years to fill a 500 GIG Drive with Archived Files and these are far faster to recover when required.

We do not use pre-made external Drives as we swap the HDD from the Enclosures and place them in a safe when they are full or near the end of the year. This keeps the Windows Systems running at a decent speed and gives us the ability to have the Data available if required. But for domestic work you shouldn't need to keep e-mail files at all over 12 months of age you could simply delete them without a worry.


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Thank you

by rodellpr In reply to Sorry but I don't use eit ...

Apptreciate your reply which amply demonstrates I'm in the wrong pew if not the wrong church, so to speak.

So can/will you move me to the right one, or tell me how to do it? There must be a considerable number of (at home) hotmail users experiencing the same difficulties I am as to substitution/use of new WLM.

As per my earlier message answering your "what's the question?", my first experience at this forum leaves much to be desired!

Cordially, RO

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Hotmail & WLM

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Thank you

WLM is designed to keep messages in Hotmail ID as the Hotmail ID is not a POP Account and you can POP the messages in WLM. In WLM you can move your e-mails to the "Storage Folders" section which contains all the folders like Inbox, Sent, etc. This will delete mails in your Hotmail ID and keep as storage in WLM.

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