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    File Encryption Worries!!


    by mn004g1362 ·

    I’ve been reading about all the new Win2k3 and Off2003, there are an inordinate number of references to user encryption. This worries me as a possible administrator of Win2k3 servers:-

    Q1. Is the Encryption a service? Does it get loaded by default or is it a setup option?
    Q2. Once a user has set the users allowed to access the files, what happens about backup and recovery? Will the backup service account have enough permissions?
    Q3. Once a user has set encryption on a file/s can the Enterprise Admin or similar accounts access these files for secure data purposes?

    Can anyone help?



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      Re: File Encryption Worries!!

      by muazonline ·

      In reply to File Encryption Worries!!

      the Encryption is a service cuz it depends on Kerberos Protocol to start the authentication proces, even at the very begining of the boot process.
      yes the Enterprise Admins are alloed to access the file encrypted by the user cuz they are part of the Recovery Agents Group.

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