File Explorer Being Extremely Slow

By ghernean ·
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Hey everyone! I have a Razer Blade running windows 10. For the past several weeks I’ve had an issue with my File Explorer. Whenever I go to click on something inside the file explorer, whether that be a folder, file, picture etc. It will take on average 3 minutes to load. I don’t have that many files inside my computer to begin with so I’m not sure what could be causing the issue. I have reset the defaults in the advanced options, made sure everything is updated to be safe. Reset and shut down my laptop multiple times as well as used the Task Manager to restart the explorer as well. Nothing I’ve done has been able to fix it. Does anybody have any tips or fixes? If you it would be really helpful!
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This can be normal.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to File Explorer Being Extre ...

I've seen that with folders that have many pictures and videos. It's just how things work.

Keeping folders small, say with 200 files tops makes it much faster.

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Re: File Explorer extremely slow

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to File Explorer Being Extre ...

There are other possible causes, like:
- the hard disk has become bad
- you installed a bad right-click extension
- malware

Things you can to try to find the cause:
- see how File Explorer behaves with a USB-stick and an external hard disk
- see how File Explorer behaves after booting into Safe Mode (google how to do that in Windows 10)
- install Windows 10 on a new hard disk or SSD (keep the old one, then you don't lose anyhing) and see if it's fast then
- reset Windows

Please tell the results of your experiments.

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Very nice!

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Re: File Explorer extreme ...

Beyond bad/slowing HDDs I'm finding today's owners comparing their PC (with older technology hard disk drives) speed with new PCs with SSDs.

The good news is that SSDs here have fallen in price and upgrading is almost always possible.

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On top of the rest of the suggestions here

by The Master2 In reply to File Explorer Being Extre ...

When did you last Defrag the Drive?

As Windows runs it fragments the Hard Drive and you need to regularly defrag it to keep things working the way that they should.

I've seen cases where some people put way too much into a folder and it takes much longer than that to open where they have 120 Gig of Music Files or lots of folders inside a folder but the most common issue for slow opening times is a badly fragmented drive.

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