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    File Extension


    by niktone ·

    ._eg, ._ey, ._st? im trying to open files that have this extension but i have no idea what the format is any help is appreciated.


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      by niktone ·

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      where did you get these files from?

      by nexs ·

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      They seem a bit strange to me.

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        by niktone ·

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        its a backup of some program my friend has he lost the program on his computer and the copy of it is on this cd but he doesnt remeber the name, or he refuses to tell me i do know its a small time program he bought it off of someone years ago who claimed he designed it himself

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          by nexs ·

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          If it’s specifically designed, then the backup would have been integrated, therefor the files would need to be accessed using the particular program.
          I would think that anyway.

          Edit: Also, there’s bugger all showing up for me on google, so I’m led to believe that this claim on developing it is true.

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          by niktone ·

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          so their would be no way for me to access the file without the original program

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          I’m sorry

          by nexs ·

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          That I cannot help you any further.

          Perhaps you can access these files using other means, but those are means that I’m unfamiliar with. Maybe someone else can help you out here.

          If this particular person (who the files belonged to) would be withholding information from you, as you suggested earlier, then I would consider confronting them?

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          by niktone ·

          In reply to I’m sorry

          thanks, you’ve been a good help, you helped me realize a few other methods to try, i will confront the person, thanks again.


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          Those files are installation files?

          by seanferd ·

          In reply to thanks

          They may have to be decompressed by the program’s installer. Like the way some Windows installation files must be expanded, and occur with extensions like .EX_.

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