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By frog_oaks ·
What file extensions does Linux recongnize? And are there apps or rpms to read other file extensions?

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by jmgarvin In reply to File Extensions

What file extensions do you need to read? Various Linux APPLICATIONS can read various file extentsion.

Can you be more specific? What file extensions are you needing to use in Linux?

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by Jaqui In reply to File Extensions

also, linux looks at file content for defining what type it is.
extentions are not an important part of a filename.

index in an html format and index.html will both be recognised as html files.

image1.jpg and image1 ( if it's jpg ) will both be recognised as image files with jpg encoding.

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by Roger In reply to File Extensions

Linux uses the file command to determine what type a file is. Typing "file [name]" will cause the computer to display the file type. For example "file /etc/passwd" will tell you that the file is ASCII text. File extensions as used in Windows are not used in linux. File extensions in Windows are used to tell the OS what type a file is, however, in the Linux World file types are a reference for the user, but ignored by the OS. Some programs such as Adobe Acrobat expect you to still use their file extensions and will complain if you don't though most programs follow the Linux standard that does not require or use the extension to determine file type. Are there any specific extensions you are attempting to use in Linux?

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by Pravat In reply to File Extensions

In Linux We don't have any thing to do with the File Extensins like Windows Do.

For example if you rename MyPhoto.bmp to MyPhoto.exe, in Linux it will still recognise it as a picture file.

But the main thing you have to remember about Linux File Systems is they all are case sencitive. So for example in one directory we can have these many sub folder like:-


Got the point.


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by Pokvalitov In reply to File Extensions

Strictly speaking, there is not extension in Linux file's name. All the dots and folowing symbols are part of the filename.

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