File / Folder Limitations

By cuetipper ·
I have a small office, five Windows PC Users. Currently we have a NAS on our network where we all share , save data mapped to each PC as a drive.
This is so all information is centrally stored and backed up from there.

However some times a user inadvertent saves data to their local pc and that is an issue for me.

I know this is not the best way to accomplish what I want but I have to work with what I have. So I was thinking of pointing all the users library's to the NAS so default folders like downloads will reside on the nas.

So what i would like to know is it possible to not allow the local user to access or create any folder on his drive essentially limiting his access to the nas configuration?

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File / Folder Limitations

by dineshramgaikwad In reply to File / Folder Limitations

You can restrict the local drive access using the group policy mentioned as below in this way you make each computer to have access to only NAS configuration

Open Local Group Policy Editor and Now navigate to User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Windows Components \ Windows Explorer. Then on the right side under Setting, double click on Prevent access to drives from My Computer.
Select Enable then under Options from the drop down menu you can restrict a certain drive, a combination of drives, or restrict them all. The main drive you would probably want to restrict is the C drive or which ever lettered drive Windows is installed on. Restricting all drives means they can’t access the CD or DVD drive, and cannot use a flash drive if they need to get files from it.

Note: This setting won’t prevent users from using programs that access the local drives.

The restrictions take effect immediately, no restart is required. When a user opens up My Computer they’ll be able to see which drives are listed, but when they try to access a restricted drive, they’ll get the following error message.

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