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By n00bst4r23 ·
Just as .pdf has a unique ASCII file identifier "ASCII: %PDF-1", can someone tell me what's the unique ASCII file identifier for .txt files?

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Eh ?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to File Format - txt
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Do you mean the file header?

by IC-IT In reply to File Format - txt

It appears that a txt file just starts off with the first ASCII character. No file header like a Jpg or pdf.

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you are right

by Dr Dij In reply to Do you mean the file head ...

nothing but the 'text' in a text file.
they can have CR or CRLF at end of lines

or they can also have no line end in files creatd by some progs.

some progs that read them won't grab last record unless there is a line terminator

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