File last viewed by? Can I tell?

By GraffPM ·
I am not sure if this is possible or not. My boss creates files on a monthly basis for other dept. heads to view/change. She isn't sure if these dept. heads are even viewing these files. Is it possible to see who has viewed a particular file? I know who has ACCESS to it but how do I see if they are even viewing it? This file is stored on our server. Can I set something up to show if anyone has viewed the file?

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by GraffPM In reply to File last viewed by? Can ...

have any thoughts on this?

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Turn on audit

by IC-IT In reply to Anyone...

Here is a link showing how to monitor/log the access (they still may not actually read it). ;-)

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Thank you!

by GraffPM In reply to Turn on audit

Appreciate the help

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File last viewed by? Can I tell? :: Try this . . .

by binggeli In reply to File last viewed by? Can ...

If it is on your server, you could turn on Windows Security Auditing. Not sure what server version you are running, but here's a good article that gets you started:

Of course, just opening the files doesn't necessarily mean the user actually reads the content.

This may be off topic, but I had a similar situation a few years ago and ended up inserting little rewards into the document text. You know, a free candy bar for the first three people who call me and tell me that the third word on line 26 in the second paragraph is "OSHA" (or something like that . . . I'm sure you catch my drift).

You may have to think of something else that's more appropriate for your audience, but it's an idea.

For what it's worth,


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