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File migration to win2k3 - Permissions

By cenedra ·

We're running a migration of data from a legacy domain (NT4) to an new Win2k3 server using the Quest Storage Suite tool.

The files are migrating without too many issues but the permissions are a problem. They come over with Admin access for the legacy domain, but unless we apply inheritance from the root folder they don't have admin access for the new domain.

If we apply inheritance the permissions further down the tree (which are locked up very tightly) are messed up by pulling too many permissions from intermediate level folders.

Is there a way to force admin access to all the files but keep the rest of the permissions up and down the tree as they should be other than going in and manually adding them? I know that'll keep me in a job until doomsday but I don't think it's a good plan!

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by faradhi In reply to File migration to win2k3 ...

Here is a handy dandy script you can use to make those changes

I hope it helps

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by faradhi In reply to

I forgot that the windows support tools also has an EXE version of XcAcls. Just remember to use the /e so that you do not overwrite the persmissions you want to keep. (I forgot the /e the first time I used it. )

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by cenedra In reply to

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by cenedra In reply to File migration to win2k3 ...

Thanks for that - I'd thought about xcacls but I wasn't sure it'd do what I need to, I'll have a play with that and see how I get on

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by cenedra In reply to File migration to win2k3 ...

thanks for the addendum regarding /e... that would have been painful!

I'm looking into this again now, and what I'm trying to do is:
Migrate data over with inheritance and security as per the old box (this ensures there is access for the clusteradmin to create the shares in the first place, otherwise it fails irreaperably).
Explicitly add permissions for admin
remigrate minus permissions and inheritance (which just removes inheritance from all the files and folders without me having to do it manually!).

What I've noticed from that is that (obviously) I need to alter the permissions from the bottom up - will xcacls do that, do you know?

Thanks again

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by cenedra In reply to File migration to win2k3 ...

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