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    File not saving to new local server name

    by jyingl ·


    Hello everyone. I am a student on an internship and this is probably a rather newbie question in regards to general computer knowledge. This problem is in relation to LabVIEW, but I believe it’s more of a general networking/mapping issue. In this program, there is .csv data that is output to a local server. The local server was recently updated, so these paths need to be updated. I thought it would be as simple as changing the host name of the path to the new server but that does not work. However, if I copy the path to the new server directly, that works. For example:

    \\new_server_name\some folder\desination folder
    this does not work.

    But if I copy the same path for “destination folder” directly from the url bar into LabVIEW:

    Z:\some folder\destination folder
    this does work.

    Here the new Z drive is the same as “new_server_name”
    So I am not sure why one works but the other does not.

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      Re: server

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to File not saving to new local server name

      I’d say it should work; if you could use the \\old_server_name and all they did was to change the server, then using \\new_server_name instead should be fine.
      But I’ve never seen something like z:\ in an URL, so the issue is not really clear.

      Better ask your mentor or colleagues or the IT help desk what’s going on and what you (maybe) do wrong. They certainly know better then we do here. And they won’t mind helping an intern, would they? After all, you’re there to learn.

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        by jyingl ·

        In reply to Re: server

        Using \\new_server_name\… does not work. As stated, that has already been tested.

        URL is wrong terminology, my apologies. I was simply referring to the file path bar. Z:\ is simply the network drive letter of the new server. Which the DNS seems to resolve Z:\, but not “new_server_name”, even though they are the same location.

        There is no IT department. In fact I’m the closest thing they have to it.

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      No IT at company?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to File not saving to new local server name

      Then they know at times they have to pay support from time to time.

      Or expect you to go to the server and check permissions. I take it this is a “real” server such as Windows Server or some Linux machine. You as the newly born admin will have your work cut out for you but good news is that many tutorials are out on the web about accounts, permissions and more.

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      Mapped Drives

      by srichards233 ·

      In reply to File not saving to new local server name

      When you changed the server from the old one to the new one, what was done about the IP address in the DNS?

      Frequently you will find that the issue is with the DNS because although you have kept the server name the IP address is different.

      Check the DNS tables on your Domain server and update them accordingly or easier still (unless you are using IPv6) change the IP address to the same as the old server (if that IP hasn’t been recycled and used by something else).

      You can prove this by using \\IPADDRESSS\somefolder\ to check the connection. If you can view the location and its contents then it is a DNS issue.

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