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By thansen ·
I am new to Scripting, VB, etc.

Using XP Pro

We are looking for a way to create a FILE OPEN program or FRONTEND that will perform the following so that users don't have to do this manualy every time they want to open up a drawing on our network.

We have files stored on different network drives and in different sub folders and in different file types. The user will type in the known part of the part number. The program then searches for all files that meet the search criteria and provides a list of the files along with a preview window. As user selects a file the preview window shows the file's preview. User can select one or more files and click OPEN. The program will then launch the appropriate application and open the file(s) in that application. If the application is already running then don't launch another instance, use the one thats running.

For example, user types in 810-5687. Program searches for all files using wild cards like "*810-5687* and starting in the sub directory G:\800\810\810-5. To do this the progam must evaluate what user types in and build the START IN path.

Now a new twist. Once the file(s) are found we need to open up the files with .DWF extension if they exist using AutoDesk Design Review. If the .DWF does not exist then look for .DWG and open that file instead with a different file Viewer called SLICKWIN.

Currently users do this.
1.) Launch DESIGN REVIEW. Then FILE>OPEN and search for the file by drilling down to sub folder IF they know what sub folder to look in. Probem is user is shop floor personnel and they don't know the location of files on our network so they have a hard time finding them. If they cannot find the DWF version of the file the do step #2.

2.) Launch SLICKWIN. Then FILE>OPEN and seach for the file from within SLICKWIN's File Open dialog box. Again, they have to drill down into the same filder structure if they know what it is.

The above is very time consumming and they do this several hundred times a day.

Looking for sugestions on how to do this and what to use, scripting? VBA? VB.NET, or someother programming language.

Thanks in advance.

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