File Permission Issues, Server 2003

By Northern_Wolf ·
I am having issues with my users deleting/moving files they should not be. (Win Server 2003)

I could not originally deny my users Modify rights to valuable files on the server, as saving these files required that users have the permission to delete the file (such as office files, which actually create a temp file, then delete the old file and save the new one).

Now we have an issue with users mistakenly deleting/moving files/directories they should not.

Is there some sort of group policy or permission method that could be established I am not understanding? (new to server admining)

To be clear, I need my users to be able to create files, change files (including ones that they did not create, which they are not the owner of), append to files, rename files, but NOT delete/move files or directories (in a specific location). Mainly Office files and Autocad files. (both of which my users cannot save if they do not have modify rights, which by default gives them delete rights)

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, even with limiting their ability to move/delete directories only.


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