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    File permissions changing


    by shanna ·

    We run an NT4.0 with SP6 network, and are having a problem with certain file permissions being retained. Here’s the scenario:

    We have an Excel 97 file that is accessible to all staff that we use for project time allocation forecasting. The staff input their projection into the spreadsheet, and the info is linked to another Excel file set up as a “summary” housed within the same “wide open” (security-wise)folder on the network. The “summary” file is to be restricted to being accessed by our project managers and certain admin. staff only, not the whole organization.

    I have granted “CHANGE” access (minus DELETE) to the file for the appropriate staff, and the permissions hold fine for that day. When I come into the office the next morning, the permissions have been changed to “FULL CONTROL” for the Everyone group.

    None of the staff say they’re doing anything with the “summary” file, so it must be a system thing somehow. We’re using Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 nightly, and I’m wondering if it’s somehow overwriting/clearing the permissions that I set during the backup routine.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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      File permissions changing

      by lordinfidel ·

      In reply to File permissions changing

      Try this…. It’s not an exact answer, but it will try to eliminate BUexec as the culprit.

      Make a copy of the file, and leave the copy of the file in the same directorty. Then remove *ALL* of the permissions from the file.
      Then in BUexec, go toyour daily job, and edit the job properties. Go to selections and uncheck the copied file.

      Then copy that file again, and put it outside of the backed up directories. So that it is not in the backup path of buexec.

      See what happens the next day? What permissions have been changed?

      Also exactly what file permissions are on that file. And what are the permissions of the folder(s) above it. Are they cascading?

      Can you post them here?

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      File permissions changing

      by gigelul ·

      In reply to File permissions changing

      I’m not sure if I understand correct your issue.

      I want to tell you about Excel (generally Office app) and save process.
      When you open an Excel file automatically Excel generate a “Temp” file, which records all changes, made in that editing session. When you save these changes, the original file is deleted and the “Temp” file is saved using the same name like the original file name. Users need “delete rights” to make changes in files.

      About permissions:
      – You can’t use permissions at the files level because if the file is replaced (see save process) the permissions will be reset at the parent folder permissions (like when you put a new file in an existing folder ? the file will have the same permissions like the folder)
      – If you need different permissions for two or more files you must move these files in different folders and customize permissions at the folder level.

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      File permissions changing

      by shanna ·

      In reply to File permissions changing

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