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File permissions under ME!Any solutions?

By hope ·
I'm a system enginer in an internet lounge. We're using WinME on the computers. I planning a "multi-level security system" and on one of the steps I would like to protect files from the customers from deleting And/Or modifying. I'm looking for a solution like NTFS permissions but I would be happy if the selected file couldn't be deleted/modified (password protection or something. Is there any solution for this?

Waiting for answers,

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Here is one possiblilty

by gshollingsworth In reply to File permissions under ME ...

Actually this company has two products which may work for you. Their products are Full Control 2 and WinU. There are other products out there but this is one of the few that brings file access control to the Win9x platform.

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by hope In reply to Here is one possiblilty

Thank you for your help, I try to contact them. Hope I can get some demo or something...


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Have you considered XP?

by BR-TR In reply to File permissions under ME ...

Windows XP uses the NTFS but it has support for the Multimedia stuff you probably want in ME. That may be ths solution for any further development since new machines will have that instead of ME anyway.

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Yes, you're right but...

by hope In reply to Have you considered XP?

I know, and I agree.
But you going to tell the full prices for 50XP(or more) licence to my Boss. This is a little internet lounge, not a big company unfortunatelly, and couldn't afford the new softwares in the moment.

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