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    File Protection and File Security


    by meg4ja ·

    Whats the difference between file protection and file security?

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      File Protection and File Security

      by magetower ·

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      Both terms kind of grey into each other but here is my interpretation:

      File Protection can be defined as measures taken to prevent unwanted damage to a file and the ability to recover the file if damage occures. This generaly refers to write protections and backing up of files. The file attributes (Read Only, Archive, Hidden, and System) is an example of file protection. The use of tape backup and offsite storage is another.

      File Security is a much more in depth definition but generally refers to those measures to prevent unauthorized access to a file beyond normal file protections. This would entail the use of login authentication, access controls, rights and privledges, auditing, and encryption. The file security used in Microsoft’s NTFS file system (permissions, ownership, auditing, and Kerberos encryption[W2K])is a good example of the application of file security.

      Anti-virus software can be considered to fall under both file protection and file security as you are trying to prevent damage and alteration of files from an unauthorized/unwanted source.

      Hope this helps…

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      File Protection and File Security

      by carquiza ·

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      The difference it’s protection and security…the file is the same joke only. Honesly I think protection is got to do with not able to delete or manipulate while the security is much more of viruses attacks or hackers attack does this make sense. Hope this help a bit.


      Mel Arquiza
      Home Page Design

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      File Protection and File Security

      by meg4ja ·

      In reply to File Protection and File Security

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